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Your career at Teleperformance

We are a company where people work for people. Our mission is to communicate with people, help them and solve problems.

The most important success factor at Teleperformance is the people with their commitment, experience and passion.

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New Career & Laterla entrants

Are you looking for something new and unknown? Career changers and career starters are always welcome. Each program has a specific induction with us. At the beginning of your work with us, you will receive program training and an introduction to the world of teleperformance. You constantly have a point of contact and superiors who are at your side with help and advice.

Working without limits - at TP it`s possible

At our locations, we offer work in various options, including screen support. Handicapped accessible workplaces are something we offer or like to implement together.

Are you interested in working for us? Feel free to contact our recruitement partner directly.

Teleperformance is a signatory of the Charta der Vielfalt.

Alexander Nakov

Gesamtschwerbehindertenvertreter Teleperformance Germany S. à r. l. & Co. KG

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enthusiastic employees throughout Germany

Be part of our TP Family!

Sites worldwide

We are represented in 83 countries.

million training hours

The development of our employees is important to us!

Every year, we invest 61 million hours of training and further education of our employees worldwide.

Bewerbung Kreuzfahrten /Teleperformance
ausgezeichnetes Gespräch und Details erklärt ....  
Applicant feedback from April 7, 2022
Gut strukturiert und verständlich
Als "Berufsneuling" empfand ich das ganze Prozedere als sehr durch strukturiert und daher gut nachzuvollziehen.😁
Applicant feedback from April 7, 2022
Great process
The initial response took a while longer (probably because of the overall size of the company and the popularity leading to more applicants) aside from that the interview was great and had a perfect balance between being professional and friendly. Even though the recruiter doesn't work in the project he is recruiting for he could still answer most of the questions with ease. The process was easily explained and in case you forget it after a few minutes you'll get an email right after the interview with a detailed structure on what to do. The tests required to do prior to the interview are reasonable. Overall the experience was way better than my previous ones on similar companies.
Applicant feedback from April 7, 2022
hab mich sehr wohl gefühlt
Applicant feedback from April 6, 2022
Very high
Everything was ok. I am very satisfied.
Applicant feedback from April 5, 2022
Schnelle Rückmeldung,man fühlt sich direkt wohl,sehr netter Recuiter, alle Fragen wurden mir beantwortet, man erhält alle wichtigen Informationen
Applicant feedback from April 3, 2022
Gute Bewertung des Bewerbungsprozesses
Was gut war: Gut vorbereitete Mitarbeiter Ein gutes und entspanntes Bewerbungsgespräch Sehr höfliche Mitarbeiter ebenfalls Im gesamten war es ein angenehmer Bewebungsprozess mit einem guten Vorstellungsgespräch.
Applicant feedback from April 2, 2022
Ich fände die 2 Damen sehr nett und es war ein sehr freundliches Gespräch
Applicant feedback from April 1, 2022
Sehr freundlich und super interview
Applicant feedback from March 24, 2022
ACCM Telefonica Zagreb Interview
It was one of the best interviews i have ever been on.
Applicant feedback from March 24, 2022
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Teleperformance offers more

Everyone has their own story. That's why every employee at Teleperformance is treated as a unique person. We make a difference in people's lives and are a strategic partner for brands. What do we offer you?


Accurate tracking of working hours

24 - 28 days holiday

Snack machines

Water and Coffee free of charge

Barrier-free working

Company doctor

Health Days

JUMP! Personnel Development Program within the company

Fruit Days (free frehs fruits and helathy food options)

Company pension scheme

Capital-forming benefits

Supplementary dental insurance

Employee benefits at over 500 companies

800€ Employees recruit employees Bonus

Let us introduce ourselves

The headquarters of Teleperformance Germany S. á r. l. & Co KG is in Dortmund, where we also operate as a Site with about 600 employees. Our other locations are: Görlitz, Hamburg, Homburg, Mönchengladbach and Greifswald.

With Teleperformance Cloud Campus GmbH, we support the area of home work. Our colleagues can be found throughout Germany and work purely from the home office.

You have questions?

We take our time for you.

Just give us a call or send us your phone number, then we will get back to you!

Timo Zeleznik

Teamlead Recruiting

Teleperformance Germany

  • Phone +49 2161 5789 102

Sven Weiberg

HR Recruiting Specialist


  • Phone +49 231 932 9500

Julia Blaszczyk

HR Recruiting Specialist

Hamburg & Greifswald

Mathias Wewezer

HR Recruiting Specialist

Greifswald & Hamburg

  • Phone +49 3834 835 1771

Daniel Spork

HR Recruiting Specialist

TP Cloud Campus

  • Phone +49 800 3 430 430

Jens Pieper

HR Recruiting Specialist

TP Cloud Campus

  • Phone +49 800 3 430 430

Teleperformance Germany S. á r. l. & Co. KG

We introduce ourselves!

Teleperformance Cloud Campus GmbH

We introduce ourselves!

Teleperformance in Dortmund

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Teleperformance in Mönchengladbach

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Teleperformance in Homburg

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Teleperformance in Görlitz

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Teleperformance in Greifswald

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Teleperformance in Hamburg

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